Chemical Peels
The Glycolic Acid Peel or AHA
(Alpha Hydroxy Acid)

Glycolic acid is a fruit acid derived from sugar cane. It acts simultaneously at dermic and epidemic levels. We will be treating blemishes at their source by initiating a massive exfoliation of dead skin cells while stimulating the natural production of elastin, collagen.

This skin care is ideal to reduce appearance of brown spots, comedones, severe dryness and superficial dehydration. It accelerates the healing process of acne lesions and scars. It improves the texture of skin, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dilated pores will be tightened. Once neutralized, the glycolic acid will continue to work for 24 hours in the dermis to maximize cellular renewal.

The Salicyclic Acide Peel or BHA
(Beta Hydroxy Acid)

Salicylic acid has keratolytic properties which produce the same benefits as glycolic acid. It is an anti-inflammatory liposoluble which penetrates the sebaceous gland, helps to reduce breakouts and stabilizes the production of sebum. It is used alternatively or in preparation of AHA.

The use of AHA products in our demo-aesthetic line will be recommended for maintaining results from home, in order tp maximize treatment results. We highly recommend prompt and multiple treatments in order to reap long term results.

Before and After